7 Reasons to Get Short Term Health Insurance.

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Health care is really expensive, we all been there looking for options to save some money during any hard circumstance in life. But have you ever thought about Short Term insurance? Short term health insurance covers you for a period of time with a lot of benefits and much lower payment plan than other medical health insurance. Another great advantage of short term insurance is that there is no open enrollment, so you can apply at any time of the year and coverage will begin as soon as the next day.

Now, why you should consider short term health insurance, let me explain?

1. Not a secure job.

Maybe you are at a point of your life where you still moving between jobs or you have a part-time or a temporary job. Because of the flexibility of short term health insurance, this may be the way to go and a less expensive option than COBRA.

2. You are becoming independent.

Time is up and its time to get your own health insurance and become independent. Short term health insurance is a good choice for a student, recent graduate students or your time is up from your parent health insurance plan.

3. Missed Open Enrollment for Obama care/ ACA plans.

A good way to avoid the tax penalty is getting short term health insurance. With the new legislation passed in 2019 now, short term policyholders will not be affected and will not pay any tax penalty.

4. Waiting to sign up for a major insurance plan.

Sometimes waiting periods for your major insurance to begin coverage can go up to 48 months. During this time short term health insurance can benefit you since is low cost and you can get it for only the time you need it.

5. Retired but not eligible for Medicare.

Still, have 2–3 years to be 65 years old to qualify for Medicare. Short term health insurance can help you extend that coverage and depending on your state you might be able to reapply for longer than 12 months and get you thru the years you need to get Medicare.

6. Obamacare isn't available or Doctor doesn't accept it.

Maybe your preferred Doctor or hospital does not accept Obamacare or the state where you live Obama care is not available to you. This leaves you with a few options and short term health insurance is one that needs to be considered.

7. Plain and simple can't afford Obama care.

At this point, we all know that Obama care is expensive for most Americans, especially for the middle class. The premiums in short term health insurance are often significantly less expensive and if you are a healthy person you can enjoy coverage at a lower cost.

There you have it the 7 reasons why short term health insurance is a benefit to you simply explained. You can learn more by talking to an expert health insurance agent whenever you are ready to explore your options.